About Us


Tapfuma Musewe - Founder and CEO

  Tapfuma is a trade and investment executive who is dedicated to increasing the connectivity between African markets and other regions of the world. Having grown up a Canadian citizen, his passion led him to live in and spend most of his working life in several African countries. He began in community development, then pivoted to entrepreneurship and established a couple of companies including a logistics company that moved FMCG’s for a blue-chip company. He then pivoted to the market intelligence industry where he consulted multinational clients from various sectors seeking to penetrate African markets. Through these experiences Tapfuma possesses a unique understanding in achieving business growth in challenging economic environments. 

Tapfuma has a diverse academic background, having obtained a B. Sc. Biology from the University of Toronto, where he is also currently pursuing a Global Executive MBA. He is passionate about leading high performance teams and has PMP certification, as well as specialized project management training from the University of the Witwatersrand.

He is now based in Toronto, Canada and is the Founder of Eschaton Solutions Ltd. – a boutique trade and investment firm that seeks to further the exchange between African and other markets. He offers forward-looking market analysis, expertise and advice to clients who seek to participate in the growth of African markets. He also leads several innovation projects developed through Eschaton’s own IP that seek to solve some of Africa’s pressing issues.

Edward Rufu - Regional Business Development Manager


Edward is a keen entrepreneur with a passion for development. He is particularly focused on agriculture and education. Originally from Zimbabwe and now based in South Africa, he possesses first-hand awareness of the importance of cross-border collaboration. He joined Tapfuma to play a key role in executing the vision for greater private sector development across Africa. He represents the company in Johannesburg, a key commercial gateway to Africa.

Edward has an MA Environmental Science and Education; he also possesses certification in specialized Project Management, as well as in Training and Development. 


Eschaton Solutions Ltd. works with selected consultants for various projects based on the expertise required.