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In a thoroughly globalized world, the importance of cultivating robust economic relations between advanced and emerging economies cannot be overstated. Despite the adverse headwinds of trade wars and protectionism, trade relations between such seemingly divergent regions is critical to ensuring the future prosperity of our global community.

Canada is redefining its role in the world as it looks beyond its traditional trade partners. It has taken a proactive stance in enabling local business to go global and tap into high-growth emerging markets. Africa is also redefining its role on the same stage as both the private and public sectors exhibit decisive leadership in the development of critical ecosystems and trade initiatives. With some of the fastest growing economies in the world, many of Africa’s 54 countries offer varied and nuanced opportunities.

The prospects for meaningful trade, collaboration and partnership between these two asymmetric regions are both massive and still largely untapped. Let Eschaton Solutions be your guide in navigating the possibilities, opportunities and challenges – let us help you reach global markets.


Who We Are



We are Africans. We are Canadians. By definition, these two labels are broad enough to encapsulate everything else in between. We are defined instead by our passion, deep experience and personal investment into the Africa-Canada, the Canada-Africa exchange.

Our value proposition lies in the fact that we provide you with in-market expertise at every step of your journey into going global. From data-driven trade strategy through to face-to-face meetings with high potential trade and investment partners, we execute with distinction. 

We listen intently. We are intimately acquainted with the challenges you will face in entering new markets. We provide decisive solutions that position you for growth and longevity in your new market.

Our vision is compelling - join us as we usher in a new era of trade, collaboration and partnership between Canada and African nations. 

How we do it

Market & Cultural Intelligence

market research analysis qualitative quantitative intelligence business

Let market data drive your decision-making and let cultural wisdom guide your execution through practical intelligence. Let us help you develop tailored trade and investment strategy.

B2B Matchmaking

business matchmaking partnership marketing entry expansion strategy

Ensure that your business development is targeted to a selection of high potential partners who will boost your credibility and access in foreign markets.

Trade Missions

international trade missions global business emerging markets africa canada strategy

Participate in tailored, in-country visits for you to gain access to key stakeholders, gain critical market intelligence and identify the right opportunities. 

Building the Canada - Africa exchange


Interview with Eschaton Solutions Ltd.’s Founder



Late in 2018, Eschaton Solution Ltd’s CEO and Founder, Tapfuma Musewe, was interviewed by WebPort Global. Click here to find out what motivated him to establish the company and how it helps Canadian enterprise grow in African markets. 

WebPort Global is a global trade portal, headquartered in Boston, MA and affiliated to the World Trade Centre network. 

African Agri Investment Indaba / Agri Trade Congress Africa 2018



Eschaton Solutions Ltd. would like to thank all of our partners and clients who attended the African Agri Investment and Trade Indaba with us this year! 

The Indaba provided a strategic platform for deal making, networking and thought leadership from industry leaders including one of our key delegates, AGT Foods

 Click here for the Post-Event Report. Hope to see you there next year!

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Eschaton Solutions

With regional headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa and Toronto, Canada, we are positioned in key regional gateways.

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